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Angel Alonso Tosso

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Angel Alonso Tosso

Dr. Angel earned his degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Cadiz. Moreover, he obtained his PhD degree from the University of Complutense, Madrid where he worked as a stomatology specialist.

He served as an Assistant Professor in Oral Pathology and Periodontics Department at the University of Complutense, Madrid. He completed his post graduate studies in Orthodontics at San Rafael Hospital in Madrid. Furthermore, he continued his postgraduate studies at Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlusion in San Francisco, USA.

He runs a private practice in Cadiz, Spain. In addition, he held the positions of SEDO President and treasurer. He was the immediate Past President of the European Federation of Orthodontics.

Frontiers In The Dental Movement

Throughout the years and with clinical experience, opposing ideas about the response of the alveolar bone to the dental movement still remain.
So, there are defenders of the concept who indicate that the alveolar bone adapts to the root displacement whereas on the contrary other clinicians point out the possible appearance of dehiscences and gingival recessions when movements in a buccal direction are made.
Probably these different bone responses would be in relation to the following factors: amount of root displacement, direction of this displacement, type of applied force : intensity and rhythm application, characteristics of the alveolar bone, characteristics of the attached gingiva, age of the patient, hormonal status, pharmacologic therapies, metabolic diseases, and signs of periodontal disease. 
For this reason, the importance of the Mechanobiologic analysis , through which the bone is studied in response to the mechanical signals and the regulation imposed by the forces with their different degrees and directions in the cellular environment, proposes a New Biology in the orthodontic field. On these basis, the possibilities of the application of the Tissue 
Engineering are evaluated in the creation of new Alveolar Bone.