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Edlira Baruti Papa

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Edlira Baruti Papa

Edlira Baruti Papa  was born in 13.06.1975 in Tirana Albania. She graduated in Dentistry  from Faculty of Medicine of Tirana, Albania in 1998.She holds a PhD in Orthodontics from Istanbul Universitetsi Dishekimligi Fakultesi Ortodonti Ana Bilim Daligi,Turkey in 2005 .

Currently she is a lecturer of Orthodontics  at Faculty Of Dental Medicine ,University of Medical Sciences of Tirana. Her professional interests include Orthognatic Surgery, OSAS  and  Accelerated Orthodontics. 


Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics Combined with Blood Concentrated Growth Factors.

The purpose of this cases reports is to present the first clinical study using the corticotomy procedure combined with Blood’s Concentrated Growth Factor, a modified PAOO approach.

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  • Materials & Method
    • We used corticotomy associated BCGF on orthodontic patients with insufficient cortical bone coverage of the teeth roots.
    • All surgical procedures were performed under sedation and the corticotomy was performed only at the buccal aspects of both the maxilla and mandible.
    • The blood taken is performed by the anesthesiologist .
    • The blood obtained with vacuum flasks is processed through the cetrifuges VLAD.
    • After the corticotomy the bone surface it has been washed with autogenous serum and it has been cover with autogenous white Buffy coat (Cloud) + C34+-GFs,Trombocite and Red Buffy coat.
    • The bonding of the brackets was realized just before the surgery. The activation begin immediately after surgery and the routine activations were made every 2 weeks. 
    • The low dose 3D scan is done in the beginning and in the end of the treatment to control the amount of the bone around the roots of the teeth.
  • Results
    • The patients has been checked 2 day after surgery.
    • Post-operative period was presented with a light edema and generally the patients got use of painkiller only the first night, all due to the antidolorific and anti inflammatory properties of the BCGF elements.
    • Total treatment time was 4-8 months.
  • Conclusion
    • Corticotomy combined with the use of BCGF resulted on all the patients:
    • A short time of orthodontic treatment,
    • A painless and little edema on post operative period
    • A clinical and radiological visible improvement of the periodontal and gingival recessions of the patients teeth.