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Nasib Balut Chahin

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Nasib Balut Chahin

After earning a Dental degree from Universidad Tecnologica de México, México City, Mexico, first in his class 1979-1983, Dr. Nasib made his Postgraduate studies in Orthodontics at Loyola University of Chicago.  afterwards, he got his Master's degree in Oral Biology from Loyola University of Chicago.

He also was President of the Mexican Board of Orthodontics, Chairman of the Ortho Program at Universidad Tecnologica De Mexico, Certified Educator Damon System since 2009, and Board Certified in Orthodontics by The Mexican Board of Orthodontist. 

Moreover, Dr.Nasib is the author of the book “Mini Implantes como anclaje en Ortodoncia”, and a member of many associations; Asociación Dental Mexicana, Asociación de Ortodoncia del D.F., Asociación Mexicana de Ortodoncia, Colegio de Ortodoncistas, Asociación Americana de Ortodoncia, and World Federation of Orthodontists


Treatment planning a full-mouth rehab is extremely challenging. So many options and steps must be coordinated to achieve a successful outcome.
There is an increase in the number of adult patients with complicated dental problems and seek orthodontic treatment.
During orthodontic management of complicated cases their specific particularities should be taken in account.
Patients with complex orthodontic treatment involves and interdisciplinary team. It is extremely important to maximize the effectiveness of the Interdisciplinary. Team Communication based on: Esthetics, Periodontal status, Biomechanics and Orthodontic-Prosthetic limitations. Attendees should be able to: Understand the complexity of an interdisciplinary approach to treatment.