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Abraham Kyriakides

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Abraham Kyriakides

In 1990, Dr Abraham Kyriakides graduated from the Dental School of Athens, Greece with a scholarship from the Stated Scholarship Foundation of Greece. He was trained in Orthodontics in Tel Aviv University, Israel from 1993-1996.

Since 1997, he owns a private practice limited to Orthodontics. He served as a secretary of Limassol Dental Association in the period from 1997-2003.

Moreover, he was president of Cyprus Orthodontic Society in the period from 2005-2009. He was the president of the 5th Mediterranean Orthodontic Congress that took place in Limassol in Nov 2016. He has given lectures in Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, France and Hungary. He is a member of several scientific societies, among them the COS, EOS, and WFO.

Update for Orthodontic Approach in OSA

Awareness of Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is growing rapidly. Health issues related with it is sometimes life threatening. Multidisciplinary approach is necessary for both diagnosis and treatment.
The gold standard treatment of cPAP has big non compliance rate. Also is not curing or addressing the underlying cause of OSA. Physicians realize that orthodontics with maxillary expansion either RPE or SARPE, mandibular advancement devices MAD and or maxillomandibular advancement MMA surgery has been used and proofed as very successful treatment modalities. With MMA surgery the real problem is addressed and with MAD the compliance is very good.
Alot of intraoral devices are suggested but we need evidence based literature to start using them. Orthodontists are familiar with airway problems and they are experts to diagnose and treat craniofacial skeletal problems. They are using functional appliances more than a century to adolescence. I will share with you my experience with apnea and some devices that help patients.
Understanding the physiology of sleep medicine, the current diagnostic and treatment options need some expertise. I would like to motivate colleagues to explore this new field and be aware of this problem. Especially dentists are seen on a regular base their patients and they can easily suspect and reveal OSE that need further investigation. They can be the first line of screening such a severe problem giving to the patient quality of sleep and life. The moto sleep well live awake is real truth.