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Andrew Dibiase

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Andrew Dibiase

Andrew DiBiase is a hospital consultant base in Kent in the UK. He undertook his undergraduate training at Kings College, London; his postgraduate training at the Royal London Hospital and the Charles Clifford Dental School, Sheffield. 

Since his appointment he has developed an extensive research portfolio, is part of the UK orthodontic National Clinic Trials Network and has received numerous awards and grants.

His research interests include the clinical effectiveness of appliances and the psychosocial impact of malocclusion. Andrew also runs a successful private practice and has published and lectured internationally, has published over 65 papers in peer reviewed journals and co-authored two textbooks.  

Malocclusion, Orthodontics and Bullying

Bullying is endemic within most schools and can have profound, devastating and long- term effects.
There are many factors that make a child more susceptible to being bullied and there is some anecdotal evidence that this includes the presence of a malocclusion. Being bullied can therefore be a reason to seek orthodontic treatment. However the question remains, as orthodontists can we help these unfortunate individuals? 
This presentation will report on a cross sectional study carried out in the UK that investigates whether there are certain occlusal traits that make individuals more susceptible to bullying and how this impacts on their oral related quality of life and self-esteem. From this study the patients that were identified as being bullied were subsequently followed up and the effects of orthodontic intervention were assessed and these will also be presented