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Joseph Bouserhal

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Joseph Bouserhal

  • Professor, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
  • Adjunct Clinical Professor, Boston University, USA
  • Visiting Professor, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon
  • Visiting Professor, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • Member, Angle Society of Orthodontists, East Component, USA
  • Member, Tweed Foundation for Orthodontic Education and Research, USA
  • Executive Committee Member, World Federation of Orthodontists.

  • Doctor in Dental Surgery Diploma, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
  • Master Degree in Orthodontics, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
  • Doctorate Degree, University of Liège, Belgium
  • Diploma of Specialist in Lingual Orthodontics, Paris VII University, France
  • Diploma in Dental Clinical Research, Toulouse University, France
  • Diploma in 3D Imaging, Toulouse University, France
  • Diploma in Sleep Dental Medicine, Paris VII University, France.


Class II malocclusion is considered one of the most common problems to solve in orthodontics. Differential diagnosis constitutes a main pillar in addressing such deformations in order to be able to apply individualized therapeutic procedures.
Based on the above, each Class II has to be corrected differently and no cook book to follow exists. A thinking classifying dento-alveolar, skeletal and soft tissue components as well as identifying maxillary from mandibular etiology has to be developed and applied.
This presentation will expose an Individualized Orthodontic Philosophy applied to adult Class II cases through differential diagnosis and individualized treatment planning.